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[Soleil] - 3.0 PC Avatar

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Soleil is the matching counterpart to Twilight by Kisu☆
╰┈➤ * . °•★|•°∵ GET TWILIGHT HERE ∵°•|☆•° . *
Soleil and Twilight have matching Accessories, Clothing Pieces, Particles and More!


Y O U W I L L N E E D ;

  • VRC Creator Companion - 2022
  • * Poi Toon 7.3.50 and 8.1.167 (Provided)
  • * VRC FURY - Use Repository in the creator companion

!!Please import the above before into unity before importing the model!! I will not provide support for any other versions than the above!!

* . °•★|•°∵ TOGGLE VIDEO - CLICK ME ∵°•|☆•° . *

T O G G L E S ;

Wardrobe Menu;

  • Sweater, Dress, Virgin Killer, Bra, Pasties, Panties, Shorts, Stockings

Accessories Menu;

  • Horns, Whiskers, Shawl, Body Flowers, Gag, Jewellery
  • Jewellery Menu Contains; Collar, Cuffs for Arms and Legs, Harness for both Chest and Legs, Upper Arm cuffs and Rings

Colourways Menu;

  • Body Colourways; Body Hue, Body Saturation, Body Hue for the Undercoat, Body Emission Hue, Body Emission Strength, Option to make the spots on Soleil White, Eye Hue
  • Hair Colourways; Sliders for Hair Colours, Hair Emission, Hair Emission Strength
  • Hair Options; Short Hair can toggle the two different buns ontop or can be worn without. Longer side part can be worn with both the bun options from previous along with a longer bun option
  • Clothing Colourways; Clothing Hue, Clothing White to Black, Virgin killer can be turned to White when the black toggle is off and the Sweater also has the options to turn both white and black for endless colour opportunities!
  • Fluff Options; Face Fluff, Arm Fluff, Hip Fluff, Leg Fluff
  • Audiolink is on by default on all of Soleils body emissions

Fun Menu;

  • Particles for Hands, Feet with Burst interaction when you stomp on the floor along with tail particles of petals that land on the floor
  • Filters; Soleil has a moustache filter, along with angels wing to match with twilights demon wings that can be placed on upper or lower back
  • Soleil has matching feathered fans to Twilight


  • Locomotion v6 for desktop users!

C O N T A C T S ;

  • Headpat me!
    • When Soleil receives headpats, hearts spawn and she makes a cute purring sound!
  • Noseboop me!
    • When Soleil receives Nose boops her Nose spawns cute paw shaped sparkles!
    • When the likes counter is on and Soleil is booped a counter will appear by the side of her head that counts how many times the snoot has been booped!
  • Don't pull my Whiskers!
    • When Soleils Whiskers are pulled she gives an angry face!
  • Touch my Beans!
    • Soleils Pawpads will squish when touched. You cannot squish your own finger beans but others can!
    • Dynamic Toes!

C R E D I T S ;

Products made by Whituu;

  • Horns, Ears, Dress, Shawl, Stockings, Arm cuffs, Leg Cuffs, Upper Arm Cuffs, Virgin Killer Sweater, Mouth Gag, Rings, Piercings and Earrings, Whiskers, Face Gems, Pasties
  • Texture Edits to; Sweater, Body & Tail

Products made by Kisu☆;

  • All Particles except on the Nose boop Counter
  • All Idles and all contact setups

L I C E N S E ;

This model does not come with any commercial rights. (This means you cannot use any parts for sale purposes, you must purchase from the provided sources above)This includes both my base and head edit

Absolutely NO REFUNDS. This is due to the nature of a digital license.


If you plan to use for streaming, you MUST credit on your streaming platform the creators name with a hyperlink to the model

Model cannot be used as a base, If you wish to modify choose either the HAIR or the OUTFIT, Avatar should remain looking somewhat like the OG creation

Avatar CANNOT be used for merchandising profit as I remain the copyright holder.

This Model Is Copyright Protected.

Please join the discord too for further model updates at;

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[Soleil] - 3.0 PC Avatar

19 ratings
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